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Evert Lategan

Evert Lategan

Project Founder & Managing Director, Integrated Solutions

Evert Lategan is the founder and Managing Director of Integrated Solutions, a project construction management company. He has a BA Degree in Construction Management (Cum Laude) and more than 29 years’ experience in the construction industry in South Africa and Africa.

As a company, Integrated Solutions is involved in all aspects of construction management from project and financial management to quality control and the procurement and supervision of suppliers and materials.  Evert works with multiple contractors and suppliers, directly appointed by his clients and believes that small design changes can more often than not have a considerably positive impact on the bottom-line. With extensive experience in working in Africa, he advises on systems and best practice protocols that are suited to Africa’s conditions.

Last year, Integrated Solutions successfully completed a project in Sierra Leone on the Mammy Yoko Hotel (now rebranded as the Radisson Blu). This 172 key, multi-storeyed establishment was abandoned during the Sierra Leone civil war, then occupied by rebel soldiers and again reoccupied by the United Nations. As the main contractors had little or no experience in hotel refurbishment, Integrated Solutions was appointed as the construction project managers.  They selected and appointed various local artisans to undertake the construction works. With increased supervision and quality control measures firmly set in place by the Integrated Solutions team, the entire project was completed within the client timeframe and within budget and boasts construction standards comparable with the best in the world.