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Peter Golding

Peter Golding

CEO, Pam Golding Commercial

During more than 25 years with the Pam Golding Property Group Peter has been involved in all aspects of the business – financial management, IT systems, selling, administration, projects and developments, marketing, public relations, regional management, general and executive management. In 1996 Peter started the commercial property business, Pam Golding Commercial which included leasing and selling of commercial property, property management, property investment and property asset management. In 2009/2010 he re-structured his involvement in the family business, no longer being involved in the operations of agency side of the business (residential and commercial sales & leasing), but still responsible for the PGP Group’s interests in certain businesses viz Pam Golding Hospitality (comprising 3 companies: Pam Golding Hotels, Pam Golding Tourism and Hospitality Consultants, and Pam Golding Lodges and Guesthouses), a joint venture focusing on facilitating offshore commercial property investments and Pam Golding Property Management Services. Peter is responsible for the management of certain residential and commercial property investments within the group and he has just completed the development of a R100m retail/commercial building in Kenilworth, Cape Town.

In the last 4 years Peter has devoted his time to understanding and working in the arena of “community”. His main focus is currently via the Property Foundation, a non-profit company and registered PBO. The purpose of the Property Foundation is to provide property solutions that help build the social and economic fabric of communities by working with community-based non-profit organisations and social enterprises. The aim is to pull together the participants in property sector (architects, QS’s, engineers, bankers, estate agents, investors, property managers, developers, and builders, etc) in order to make a more significant impact though the collective effort.